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Von Hügel Institute

for Critical Catholic Inquiry
Dr Dominic Aidan  Bellenger
Senior Research Associate
Senior Member of St Edmund's College
Associate Member, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Senior Research Associate
Professor of Management, Faculty of Business and Digital Technologies, University of Winchester
Professor Gill  Goulding
Senior Research Associate
Professor of Systematic Theology, Regis College, Toronto
Professor Johannes  Hoff
Senior Research Associate
Professor of Dogmatic Theology, Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät, Universität Innsbruck
Honorary Professor, Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University
Professor Philip  Sheldrake
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge Theological Federation
Professor, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio Texas
Professor Wojciech  Szczerba
Senior Research Associate
President/Rector of Evangelical School of Theology (EST), Wroclaw, Poland
Secretary to the Council of Evangelical Union
Editor-in chief of 'Theologica Wratislaviensia'
Professor Walter  van Herck
Senior Research Associate
Professor of Philosophy, University of Antwerp
Guest Professor, University of Ghent
Professor Colin  Williams
Senior Research Associate
Honorary Professor, Cardiff University
Visiting Fellow, St Edmund's College
Professor Heidemarie  Winkel
Senior Research Associate
Professor of Sociology, University of Bielefeld
Professor Ralf  Wüstenberg
Senior Research Associate
Chair for Systematic and Historic Theology, Europa-University Flensburg



A unique institute of advanced studies inspired by Catholic thought and culture, focussed on contemporary global realities, and dedicated to encounter, dialogue, and transformation