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Von Hügel Institute

for Critical Catholic Inquiry


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Chapters and Contributions to Edited Volumes

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Articles and Reports

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Knowledge Exchange and Public Media Engagement

Online Articles, Editorial and Blogs

  • Çetin, Elif, What Prospects for Change to Achieve a Sustainable EU Migration Policy?, EuropeNow, Iss. 11 (2 October 2017)
  • Göbel, Christian, Kein 'Bullshit-Job': Was Macht, Wer Macht, Was Wirklich Zählt? Behörden Spiegel 173 (January 2017)
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  • Silvestri, Sara, Brexit migration scenarios: from the politics of arrogance to reimagining solidarity, Brexit Blog #2, Centre for Catholic Social Thought and Practice (5 July 2016)
  • Silvestri, Sara, Don’t believe those who commit violence in the name of their faith, The Conversation UK (6 July 2016)



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