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Von Hügel Institute

for Critical Catholic Inquiry

The Lattey Lecture is devoted to Catholic Social Teaching and Biblical Studies. It was endowed in commemoration of the tireless work of Cuthbert Lattey SJ in founding the Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain in 1940, the first meeting of which took place at St Edmund’s College, and all his pioneering works of scholarship and dissemination to promote the reading and study of the Bible amongst Catholics. Apart from his 18 books, Lattey is primarily remembered for editing the first Catholic version of the Bible in English direct from the original Hebrew and Greek, known as the Westminster Version, aiming to produce a ‘dignified and accurate’ translation which was readable and accessible to all.

Since the foundation of the Von Hügel Institute in 1987, the Lattey Lecture has been delivered by distinguished Scriptures scholars:

Prof Candida Moss (2024)


Prof Ian Boxall (2018)


Fr Dr Nicholas King, SJ, with a response from Professor Christopher Rowland (2016)


Fr Dr Timothy Radcliffe, OP (2013)


Most Reverend Bernard Longley (2012)


The Jewish People and Scriptures in the Christian Bible - the 2001 Document of the Pontifical Biblical Commission
Dom Henry Wansbrough (2002)


A Land Flowing with Milk, Honey and People
Rev Dr Michael Prior, CM (1997)


The Laws of Deuteronomy: A Utopian Project for a World without any Poor
Professor Norbert Lohfink, SJ (1995)


That we Remember the Poor: Biblical Interpretation, the Church and the Poor
Professor Christopher Rowlands (1993)


Prophet-Mystics and Social Justice
Rev Carroll Stuhlmueller CP (1991)


The Complexities of the Gospel Narrative of Jesus’ Passion
Rev Professor Raymond Brown, SS (1990)


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the New Testament

Professor Joseph A. Fitzmeyer SJ (1987)




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