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Von Hügel Institute

for Critical Catholic Inquiry

VHI researchers are engaged in a range of different research projects across various fields, incorporating or alongside their own personal research. A list of ongoing and recent research projects is available below with access to each projects' main page. 

Clericalism and Sexuality 

This project aims to collect reliable data and analyze it from the viewpoint of the relation between clericalism and sexuality. 

Navigating Impasses in Bioethics: End of Life, Disability and Mental Illness

This project discusses issues arising from current legislation on medically assisted suicide for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and mental illnesses.

Refining Trust: Palestine in Comparative Perspective

This project brings together scholars and practitioners with expertise in different country-specific cases of political reconciliation post -1989 to discuss key questions on both the conditions for political reconciliation and its perspectives for Palestine.

Development as Common Good

This project explores the limitations of current development discourses and puts forward a framework for thinking of common good as a social objective. 

Migration, Religion and catholic social thought

This project discusses the relevance of Catholic social thought and practise in the field of migration and asylum policy in the UK.



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