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for Critical Catholic Inquiry

Studying at Cambridge


Professor Ralf Wüstenberg

Professor Ralf Wüstenberg

Senior Research Associate

Chair for Systematic and Historic Theology, Europa-University Flensburg


Ralf K. Wüstenberg is Chair for Systematic and Historic Theology at Europa-University Flensburg. After studying Theology in Berlin, Cambridge and Heidelberg, Dr. Wüstenberg graduated from Humboldt-University Berlin (Dr. theol.) and Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg (Habilitation). In 2013, he was a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University and since 2013 he is a Visiting fellow of St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge working with the VHI. In 2002/2003 Ralf Wüstenberg taught as Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Scholar at Union Theological Seminary, New York, and in 1999 he was a Visiting research fellow in the University of Cape Town. As ordained vicar, he served in the Lutheran Church at Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) in the years 2003-2005. Professor Wüstenberg is a member of the International Bonhoeffer-Society, the American Academy of Religion (AAR), Societas Ethica - European Society for Research in Ethics and Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Theologie (WGTh).

Research Interests

  • International Dietrich Bonhoeffer research with focus on Secularism and ‘Religionless Christianity’.
  • Political ethics research on reconciliation and transitional justice in South Africa and Germany
  • Interreligious research on Muslim-Christian Relations with a particular focus on doctrinal questions of grace, faith and salvation

Key Publications

Selected authored and co-edited books (according to appearance)

  • Verständigung und Versöhnung. Beiträge von Kirche, Religion und Politik 70 Jahre nach Kriegsende, Leipzig 2017.
  • Islam ist Hingabe. Eine Entdeckungsreise in das Innere einer Religion, Gütersloh 2016 (English forthcoming: Islam is Devotion, transl. by Randi Lundell).
  • Beichte neu entdecken. Ein ökumenisches Kompendium für die Praxis (= Kontexte. Neue Beiträge zur historischen und systematischen Theologie, Band 5), Edition Ruprecht, Göttingen 2016.
  • Christology. How Do We Talk About Jesus Christ Today, transl. by Martin Rumscheidt, Christine Schliesser u. Randy H. Lundell, Wipe & Stock: Eugene 2014.
  • A spoke in the Wheel. The political in the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Gütersloh 2013.
  • God speaks to us. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Biblical Hermeneutics (= International Bonhoeffer Interpretations Vol. 5), Frankfurt/M. et al., 2013.
  • Versöhnung, Strafe und Gerechtigkeit. Das schwere Erbe von Unrechtsstaaten (= Kontexte 40), Edition Ruprecht, Göttingen 2010.
  • Bonhoeffer and the Biosciences, Frankfurt/Main; Berlin; Bern et al.: Peter Lang 2010.
  • The Political Dimension of Reconciliation in South-Africa and Germany, Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Wm. B. Eerdmans 2009.
  • Bonhoeffer and Beyond - Promoting a Dialogue between Religion and Politics (= International Bonhoeffer Interpretations - IBI 2), Frankfurt et al.: Peter Lang 2008 (149p.).
  • Religion, Religionlessness and the Church. Reading Bonhoeffer in the 21st Century (= International Bonhoeffer Interpretations – IBI 1). Frankfurt et al.: Peter Lang 2008.
  • Theology in Dialogue. The impact of Arts, Humanities and Sciences on Contemporary Religious Discourse (Essays in Honour of John W. de Gruchy). Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Wm. B. Eerdmans 2002.
  • A Theology of Life. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Religionless Christianity, Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Wm. B. Eerdmans 1998 (160p.).


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