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for Critical Catholic Inquiry

Studying at Cambridge


Professor Walter van Herck

Professor Walter van Herck

Senior Research Associate

Professor of Philosophy, University of Antwerp

Guest Professor, University of Ghent


Walter Van Herck is a philosopher of religion trained at the Jesuit University of Antwerp and the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. His PhD dissertation, defended in 1996, dealt with epistemological problems concerning metaphors in religious language. He teaches at the University of Antwerp and, as a guest professor, at the University of Ghent.

Research Interests

His research interests include the nature of religious faith, trust and loyalty, religious language, religious emotions, the interaction between religion and culture and what is called ‘living religion’. He has a side interest in eighteenth century philosophy of religion with translations and studies of Hume, Kant and ‘les philosophes’.

Key Publications

  • Latré Stijn, Van Herck Walter, Vanheeswijck Guido [eds], Radical secularization? An inquiry into the religious roots of secular culture, ISBN 978-1-62892-178-6 - New York, N.Y., Bloomsbury Academic, 2015, 232 p.
  • Van Herck Walter, Enlightened presuppositions of (spiritually motivated) cross-ritual participation, in Ritual participation and interreligious dialogue : dialogue, boundaries, transgressions and innovations / Moyaert, M. [edit.]; et al. - ISBN 978-1-4725-9035-0 - London, Bloomsbury, 2015, p. 43-52
  • Geybels Hans, Van Herck Walter (eds.), Humour and religion : challenges and ambiguities, ISBN 978-1-4411-3924-5 - New York, N.Y., Bloomsbury, 2012, 272 p. (Bloomsbury religious studies)
  • Van Herck, W., Religie, ongeloof en fanatisme in de Encyclopédie, in: Bijdragen : tijdschrift voor filosofie en theologie - ISSN 1783-1377 - 73:4(2012), p. 371-387
  • Van Herck Walter, A friend of Demea? The meaning and importance of piety, in: D.Z. Phillips' contemplative philosophy of religion: questions and responses / Sanders, Andy F. [edit.] - ISBN 978-0-7546-6285-3 - Aldershot, Ashgate, 2007, p. 125-138


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