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Professor Maria Burke

Professor Maria Burke

Research Associate

Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange, Faculty of Business, Law and Sport, University of Winchester


Professor Maria Burke joined the VHI as a Research Associate in 2019. She is currently Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange, Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies at the University of Winchester, Hampshire.  She holds a PhD doctorate, a MBA and a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies. Maria is interested in experimenting with the craft of writing and is currently studying part time for the MA in Critical and Creative Writing at the University of Winchester.

Research Interests

Professor Burke’s research area is in the application of new digital technology to social systems.  She is interested in how digital technology impacts on the person and the need for new digital frameworks that will help to analyze digital research in the future.

Professor Burke has experience of leading research projects both as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on various projects, and was successfully awarded an EPSRC grant of £1.4 million for a project that aimed to explore the application of “Digital Technologies to the High Street”. This research (“Tales of Things”) attracted significant partners, national and international press and featured in New Scientist; the New York Times; Japan Times and the technology journal WIRED.

She is a member of the Peer Review College and an experienced EPSRC evaluator and assessor. Her most recent research project, funded by the Higher Education Innovation Industrial Strategy Fund aimed to explore barriers regarding the use of Electronic Health Records.

Key Publications

  • Joneidy, S & Burke, M (2018) Towards a Deeper Understanding of Meaningful Use in Electronic Health Records.  Health Information and Libraries Journal  (Early Cite Pre print)
  • Burke, M.  (2018) Making choices: developing digital research frameworks for information management. Journal of Documentation.  Vol. 74 (1) pp. 247-254
  • Burke, M. (2017) The design and value of "early adopter" low-energy houses. Construction Innovation: Information, Process, and Management. Vol. 17 (3) pp. 262-272
  • Burke, M. (2016) The party’s over at the digital society: some thoughts towards the search for serious theoretical frameworks. International Journal of the Human Digital. Vol. 1 (2) July pp. 195-201
  • Burke, M and Speed, C. (2014) Knowledge Recovery: Applications of Technology in Uberveillance   and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants: Emerging Technologies, Chapter 5, edited by Michael, K. and Michael, M., IGI Publishing pp. 133-142
  • Burke, M. O Callaghan, Quigley, M. (2013) The business of digital storytelling: augmenting information systems with QR Codes. Journal of Systems and Information Technology Vol. 15 (4) pp. 347-367
  • Quigley, M. & Burke, M. (2013) Low Cost Internet of Things: Digital Technology Adoption in SMEs. International Journal of Management Practice, Special Issue: ICT Adoption in Small Businesses: Beyond The Rhetoric, Vol. 6 (2) pp. 153-164
  • Emmanouilidou, M. & Burke, M. (2013) A Thematic review and the policy-analysis agenda of electronic health records in the Greek National Health System. Health Policy Vol. 109 (1) pp. 31-37
  • Burke, M. (2011) Knowledge Sharing in Emerging Economies. Guest Editor Library Review Vol. 60 (1), pp. 5-14 
  • Leder, K., Karpovitch, A., Burke, M. (2010) Tagging is connecting: shared object memories as channels for social cohesion M/C Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture Vol. 13 (1) e-journal.
  • Sulaiman, N. and Burke, M. (2009) A Case analysis of knowledge sharing implementation and job searching in Malaysia. International Journal of Information Management. Vol. 29 (4) pp. 321-325
  • Burke, M. (2009) Exploration of relationships between information fulfilment and organisational design, Journal of Documentation.Vol. 65 (4) pp. 561-577


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