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Philip McCosker to give the Notre Dame Student-Alumni Lecture in London on 5th April

last modified Mar 27, 2017 12:58 PM

VHI Director Dr Philip McCosker will be giving the Notre Dame Student-Alumni Lecture in London on Weds 5th April from 6-8pm.

The lecture, entitled 'Catholic: Paradoxical Identities', marks the 11th year of the Student-Alumni Lecture Series, which brings together Notre Dame students, alumni, and leaders in academia from around the world to discuss topical issues.

What does it mean to describe oneself as "Catholic" today? Superficially banal, this question has been answered in many different ways through history. Postmodernity’s apparent overcoming of many of the certainties of modernity encourages us to think of Catholic identity in paradoxical ways; reflecting on these paradoxical forms is helpful in a time when identities of many kinds, religious and other, are becoming increasingly tribal, fundamentalist, and mutually exclusive. This lecture will argue for an understanding of catholicity which is relatively thin and plural yet anchored in the identity of Christ and the Church’s tradition, in dialogue with recent philosophy, sociology, and theology.

For venue details and to register please visit the lecture's Eventbrite page.


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