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Article on the Christology of Pope Francis published in 'Ecclesiology' by Dr Philip McCosker

last modified May 27, 2016 05:09 PM

VHI Director Dr Philip McCosker has published an article in the theology journal Ecclesiology. Entitled "From the Joy of the Gospel to the Joy of Christ: Situating and Expanding the Christology of Evangelii Gaudium", the essay explores the christology of Pope Francis through a discussion of his 2013 apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium

For those with institutional or individual access, it is available to read online here.


Many have perceived and reacted to the fresh presentation of the Christian gospel in the pontificate of Francis. It is tempting to read this as a switch in emphasis from content to form, or from ideas to action, and play Benedict XVI off against Francis I: the introverted scholarly theologian followed by the charismatic preacher. Ultimately undermining such a dichotomising approach, this article describes, analyses, situates, and draws out Francis’ christology. Exploring resonances between Francis’ thought and some ressourcement thinkers (Romano Guardini, Josef Jungmann, Yves Congar), it uncovers the christology underlying Evangelii Gaudium. Attention to the role of christology in Francis’ thought, as well as the inspiration he continues to draw from ressourcement thinkers, especially Guardini, uncovers surprisingly significant links between Bergoglio and Ratzinger.


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