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Development as Common Good

Contemporary development theories emphasise the importance of increasing 'individual freedoms' without giving enough emphasis to what substantively means to have a good life. These theories, inspired by economics and liberal political philosophy, ignore the importance of common good and human values in shaping social policy and development strategies. The project, carried out by Dr Flavio Comim, explores the limitations of current development discourses and puts forward a framework for thinking of common good as a social objective. This project provides an umbrella for several research activities, such as reading groups (at St Edmund's College and at the Centre of Development Studies), and publications.

Cambridge Capability Conferences (CCC): In 2016 Dr Comim launched a series of annual conferences in Cambridge (Centre of Development Studies). Early 'capability conferences' in Cambridge initiated in 2001 and were characterised by in-depth discussions, time for exchanges and an intimate intellectual atmosphere where the participants were all part of the same conversation. This setting provides a vibrant and stimulating environment for lectures, conferences, PhD theses and research on human development from a capability perspective.


Dr Flavio Comin (PI)

Prof Jonathan Warner


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  • Comin, F. Amaral, P. V. (2013) "The Human Values Index: conceptual foundations and evidence from Brazil", in Cambridge Journal of Economics. Oxford University Press

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