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John McCabe joined the Von Hügel Institute as Research Associate in 2019. He was ordained in 2001 and is Rector of St Mary’s Church Byfleet in Guildford Diocese where he has been in post since 2006. He completed his MA at Trinity College/ Bristol University in 2001, having graduated from St Edmund Hall Oxford in Modern Languages in 1982 (French and German). John’s academic work is enriched by his previous professional experience gained internationally prior to ordination in sales, marketing, general management and management consultancy roles. He is working on historical and biographical details surrounding the last 9 days of the life of German Resistance theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer in April 1945 in the context of the latter stages of the war in Europe.

John completed his PhD at Chester University in 2015. He is currently holder of a award from the International Bonhoeffer Society for his forthcoming book, Dietrich Bonhoeffer •  The Last Eight Days, currently, subject to contract, due to be published by Baylor University Press in October 2024.


  • National Socialist Germany under Hitler 1933-1945
  • 'Harrassed and Hunted' is a phrase from Bonhoeffer’s poem 'Night voices in Tegel', written in prison, which captures something of the defiant poignancy of Bonhoeffer’s near-escape from the persecutions of the National Socialist regime. In this book I examine the story of the small and diverse group of people who attended Bonhoeffer’s final service in Schönberg at 10:00 on April 8th, 1945, and set this in the wider context of unfolding events. The story of Bonhoeffer’s life and witness opens up possibilities for more transformative and inclusive thinking.


Key publications: 

Book Reviews of

  • John Hughes, The End of Work (2010);
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Volume 12 (English Edition) Berlin:1932-1933 (2014);
  • Charles Marsh, Strange Glory - A life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (2014);
  • John de Gruchy, Bonhoeffer’s Questions: A life-changing Conversation (2019)
Research Associate
Rector of St Mary’s Church, Byfleet, Guildford Diocese
Rev Dr John  McCabe

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