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Von Hügel Institute

for Critical Catholic Inquiry

The relevance of Catholic social thought and practise in the field of migration and asylum policy in the UK

This project, led by Dr Sara Silvestri, with the assistance of Dr Elif Cetin, and funded by Plater Trust, lasted between July 2015 and July 2017. It addresses these questions: What is the Catholic contribution in the field of migration in the UK? In what ways is Catholic Social Thought (CST) shaping and inspiring the practical work of those involved in services provision for migrants/asylum seekers and in decision making about asylum and migration?

In practice it aims to explore the application of the principles of CST (e.g. solidarity and social justice, in the field of migration and asylum in the UK), in order to establish the added value of the work of migration-focused Christian charities to British society. It also intends to identify areas in the work of these charities where the Catholic identity/CST can be better integrated with their day to day work, to help these charities to further reflect on the Catholic values inspiring the practical work that they do. Besides seeking to understand the ramification of CST for the practitioners working in Catholic charities in the field of migration, the project also investigates the relationship between Catholic charities devoted to migration issues and the UK policy community in this field.




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