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Carole received her PhD from the University of Durham, where she worked on Rowan Williams’ concept of difficulty as a tool for negotiating difference between religious and secular life and commitment in the public square. She was a member of the academic staff of Wesley House in the Cambridge Theological Federation from 2015 to 2021, and Director of Studies from 2017, teaching political theology and leading the MA programme on Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy. She is ordained in the British Methodist Church, has served on its Faith and Order Committee, and is currently a member of the British Methodist-Roman Catholic Dialogue Commission.  She studied in Cambridge (King’s College) for her first degree in Modern Languages (French and Italian).


Carole is currently leading Growing in Friendship, a project of the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability. The project is a piece of participative research based in Lyn’s House Cambridge, a Christian community of people with and without intellectual disabilities. Members of the community will be involved conducting the research, which investigates the experience and impact of belonging to Lyn’s House and how this might be replicated in other settings - universities in particular. Carole is also a member of the Von Hügel Institute’s research project Disability and Knowledge in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway.

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