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Conference on Catholic Social Thought and the Big Society

Research Project Conference


BS RundtableOn 25-26 June 2012 the VHI hosted a major conference on Catholic Social Thought and the Big Society. The conference was the first time the VHI had publicly presented some of the conclusions from its project on CST and the Big Society. The conference heard from major firgures in the world of CST, political thought and public policy and examined the theory behind the 'Big Society' as well as some of its practical applications.

The Von Hugel Institute has been researching the relationship between CST and the Big Society as part of a project funded by the Plater Trust and a summary of our draft report were presented as part of this conference. The conference brought together experts from a wide variety of fields including political theory, Catholic social thought, practical theology and public policy. Many of the papers delivered at the conference are available online.


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