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Rupert Shortt was appointed VHI Research Associate in 2019. He was religion editor of The Times Literary Supplement from 2000 to 2020, and is a former Visiting Fellow at Oxford University.

The author of many books, Rupert has also contributed to a wide range of publications including The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Tablet and the Madrid-based Revista de Libros.


Rupert is currently pursuing two main research projects. The first one focuses on Rowan Williams' philosophical theology since his retirement as Archbishop of Canterbury. The second is the compilation of a reader on arguments in favour of the existence of God, as an updated resource for theology students.


Key publications: 

Rupert's books include:

  • The Hardest Problem: God, Evil, and Suffering (Hodder & Stoughton, 2022)
  • Outgrowing Dawkins: God for Grown-Ups (SPCK, 2019)
  • Does Religion Do More Harm than Good? (SPCK, 2019)
  • God Is No Thing: Coherent Christianity (Hurst, 2016)
  • Rowan’s Rule: The Biography of the Archbishop (Hodder, 2014)
  • Christianophobia: A Faith under Attack (Rider, 2012)
  • Benedict XVI: Commander of the Faith (Hodder, 2005)
Research Associate



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