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Sarah is a recent graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University where she received her bachelor's degree in English Literature with a thesis concentration in Feminist Liberation Theology. Sarah was an Athena Scholar of Women’s Leadership Studies while at Barnard and wrote two senior theses on women from the New Testament in literature: Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. In 2018, Sarah created a social action project titled JesusIncludedMe: a female-inclusive and intercultural podcast and website of writings devoted to the sharing of personal narratives of inclusion, or lack thereof or both, in the Catholic Church and society-life at large; JesusIncludedMe aims to create the opportunity to discuss and discover what role women can play so that they feel included in the Catholic Church. During her undergraduate studies, Sarah spent time working with Ascension Catholic School in New York and ReclaimMagdalene of FutureChurch. In the autumn, Sarah plans to return to the States to begin her M.A.R. at Yale University. 


Sarah’s senior theses are titled Mary Magdalene on the Stage: The Woman and Character Everybody Wants and Nobody Wants to Touch and Setting the Captives Free: An Analysis of the Mystical Burden on Jesus and Mariam of Nazareth and the Power of the Female Capacity for Spiritual and Physical Transformation (With a Close Look at the Writings of D.H. Lawrence, Sally Cunneen, Julia Kristeva, Colm Tóibín, and Elizabeth A. Johnson). Each examines the elements of these enigmatic women's selves that stand as imaginary potent constructs manifest by subjective desire and engage with demystification practices in an effort to bring forth the roles they serve. Both, from what she has theorized, lie (1) in an archetype of the female experience of suffering, one that works to keep the woman in this emotional and/or physical state, due partially to an improper correlation drawn between the experience and suffering of women and impurity, and (2) the deep human connection to creation. Sarah is keen on the uplifting of the divine feminine as a form of universal liberation and the search for a new ethic of our being that enables us to include our symptoms without a loss of faith, sense of self and gladness. 

Visiting Student at St Edmund's College (Feb-July 2019)
B.A. Barnard College, Columbia University
 Sarah  Ambrose

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