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Research Associates

Dr Gorazd Andrejč
  • Research Associate
  • Affiliate Lecturer, Woolf Institute, Cambridge
Dr Thana Campos
  • Research Associate
  • Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Ottawa
  • Research Fellow at Las Casas Institute, Oxford
Dr Roman Cholij
  • Research Associate
Dr Flavio Comim
  • Research Associate
  • Affiliated Lecturer in Human Development, Cambridge
  • Adjunct Professor, UFRGS, Brasil
Dr Daniel De Haan
  • Research Associate
  • TWCF Postdoctoral Fellow in Theology, Philosophy of Religion and the Sciences, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge
Dr David Elliot
  • Research Associate
  • Research Associate in Theological Ethics, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge
Mark Engelman
  • Research Associate
  • Senior Law Mentor, King's College London
Professor Luigi Gioia, OSB
  • Research Associate
  • Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, S. Anselmo University, Rome
  • Visiting Scholar of Divinity, Cambridge University
Rev Dr Boris Gunjević
  • Research Associate
  • Tutor in Philosophy of Religion and Christian Doctrine, Westfield House, Cambridge
Professor Christian Göbel
  • Research Associate
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy at Assumption College, Worcester, MA (USA)
Dr Vlado Kmec
  • Research Associate
  • Postgraduate Scholar, Peterhouse
Dr Simon Ravenscroft
  • Research Associate
  • Murphy Research Fellow
Dr Lidia Ripamonti
  • Research Administrator
  • Research Associate
Dr Sara Silvestri
  • Director of Research
  • Bye-Fellow, St Edmund's College
  • Senior Lecturer in International Politics, City University London
  • Affiliated Lecturer, POLIS Department, Cambridge
Professor Jonathan Warner
  • Research Associate
  • Professor and Tutor in Economics, Quest University Canada
Dr Elif Çetin
  • Research Associate
  • Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge

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