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Colin Williams speaks at Federal Union of European Nationalities Annual Conference

last modified Jan 18, 2019 01:24 PM

VHI Senior Research Associate Colin H. Williams has been active in presenting his research findings on European language policy and minority rights to meetings in Montreal, Ottawa and Bolzano.

He gave a plenary address to the QUESCREN conference, Concordia University, Montreal, on 29th October2018, on the theme of 'Strategic Initiatives for Minority Language Communities in the European Union'; an address to the Centre of Excellence on Official Languages , Treasury Board, Government of Canada, Ottawa, on 2nd November, on the theme of 'Promoting and Regulating Language Policy'; a Plenary Address to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Federal and Provincial Ministers Responsible for Francophone Affairs, Montreal on 7th November, on the theme of 'Innovative Outcome Planning for Public Policy'; and most recently an invited address to the Federal Union of European Nationalities Annual Conference, Bolzano, on 14th December, on the theme of ' 'Strategies, Schemes and Standards'.


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