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Seminars on Education and Human Development

Lent Term 2012


A series of seminars jointly organised with the Department of Development Studies and led by Dr Flavio Comim

  • 09 February 2012, 2pm

Round Table Seminar: Research on Education and Human Development – new perspectives

Speakers: Professor Mario Biggeri, University of Florence; Dr Cristina Devecchi, University of Northampton, Dr Tristan McCowan, Institute of Education London, Dr Caroline Hart, Faculty of Education Cambridge

Venue: Development Studies, 7 West Road, Alison Richard Building, room 216

  • 23 February 2012, 5pm

Why Education Policies get it wrong: the role of emotions in cognitive development

Dr Flavio Comim, Von Hügel Institute, St Edmund’s College

Venue: Huddleston Room, St Edmund’s College

  • 01 March 2012, 5pm

Sustainability and Public Communication

Dr Kohei Watanabe, University of Teiko, Japan

Venue: Okinaga Room, St Edmund’s College



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