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Von Hügel Institute

for Critical Catholic Inquiry
Prof. Ranasinghe (Assumption College, Worcester, MA, USA) will defend the relevance of Citizenship and Christian Humanism in a time when we're posed with a false choice between religious fundamentalism and godless consumerism. 

He will also argue that small educational institutions based on the ancient idea of (both Abrahamic and Homeric) hospitality can make it possible for us to recover the beloved community, a place where human beings can see their neighbors through the eyes of God and bring out the best in each other.
The lecture is free and open to all, no booking required.

About the speaker:

Nalin Ranasinghe, Professor of Philosophy at Assumption College, Worcester, MA (USA) has written on subjects ranging from The Bible, Homer and Greek tragedy to Shakespeare, Nietzsche and Hannah Arendt. The author of 3 books on Socrates: The Soul of Socrates, Socrates in the Underworld and Socrates and the Gods, he has just completed a book on Homer's Odyssey, entitled The Confessions of Odysseus.
Friday, 29 May, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:30
Event location: 
St Edmund's College, Okinaga Room



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