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Studying at Cambridge


Professor Philip Sheldrake

Professor Philip Sheldrake

Senior Research Associate

Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge Theological Federation

Professor, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio Texas


Educated at the University of Oxford and University of London. Degrees & research in history and theology. He taught first at Heythrop College, University of London and was subsequently Lecturer in Church History, Cambridge Theological Federation & Faculty of Divinity. Then Vice-Principal & Academic Director, Sarum College, affiliated to the University of Wales Lampeter where he was also Honorary Professor 1998-2013. He was William Leech Professor of Applied Theology, Durham University from 2003-2008, then Joseph Visiting Professor of Catholic Theology, Boston College MA during 2008-2009. He returned to the Cambridge Theological Federation (Westcott House) as Senior Research Fellow in 2010 & has also been Professor at Oblate School of Theology from 2013. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts & of the Royal Historical Society. He was awarded the DD by University of Oxford in 2015.

Research Interests

  • Christian spirituality as an interdisciplinary field: historical, theological and socio-cultural dimensions
  • Medieval & Reformation religious thought – currently writing on Julian of Norwich
  • Christian contributions to thinking about the meaning and future of cities
  • The interdisciplinary writings of Michel de Certeau

Key Publications

Authored & edited books:

  • Julian of Norwich—“In God’s Sight”: Her Theology in Context (2018 forthcoming).
  • Surrender to Christ for Mission: French Spiritual Traditions (2018 forthcoming).
  • Italian edition of Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction (originally Oxford University Press 2012), 2017.
  • A Spiritual City: Theology, Spirituality & The Urban (2014).
  • Spirituality: A Brief History (2013).
  • Explorations in Spirituality: History, Theology and Social Practice (2010).
  • Heaven in Ordinary: A George Herbert Reader (2009).
  • Ed. The New SCM Dictionary of Christian Spirituality (2005).
  • Spaces for the Sacred: Place, Memory & Identity (2001).
  • Spirituality & Theology: Christian Life and the Doctrine of God (1998).
  • Living Between Worlds: Place and Journey in Celtic Christianity (1997).
  • Spirituality & History: Questions of Interpretation and Method (1991, Revised edition 1996).
  • Ed. The Way of Ignatius Loyola: Contemporary Approaches to the Study of the Spiritual Exercises (1991).

Also numerous book essays and journal articles.


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