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Professor Christian Göbel

Professor Christian Göbel

Research Associate

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Ecumenical Institute at Assumption College, Worcester, MA


Christian Göbel (b. Bochum/Germany, 1973) is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Ecumenical Institute at Assumption College, Worcester, MA (USA), where he also teaches in the Peace and Conflict Studies program. He currently (2015-17) serves as Director of Assumption's Campus in Rome, Italy.

Göbel studied in Paderborn, Munich, Rome, Cambridge and Leiden and holds PhDs in philosophy and theology. Prior to joining the faculty at Assumption, he taught at the Pontifical Lateran University and the Pontifical Beda College in Rome. He has held visiting positions in Boston, Sonada (India), Eichstätt and Rome. He has published eight books and over sixty articles. Prof. Göbel also serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the German Army Reserve.

Research Interests

Prof. Göbel’s current research interests include: the ecumenical logic of Christianity, Nietzsche’s ambivalent relationship to Christianity, Kant and Military Ethics.

Key Publications

Recent publications include:


  • Glücksgarant Bundeswehr? Ethische Schlaglichter auf einige neuere Studien des ZMSBw im Kontext von Sinn und Glück des Soldatenberufs, Innerer Führung und Einsatz-Ethos. [Can the Armed Forces guarantee happiness? Ethical reflections on some recent studies by the Bundeswehr Centre for Military History and Social Sciences]. Berlin: Miles, 2016, 100pp.  

Book chapters and journal articles:

  • “Frankfurt and Beyond. Hierarchical Readings of Anselm’s Analysis of Moral Choice with a New Test Case for his Concept of Freedom”, Saint Anselm Journal 14 (2018) [fortcoming].
  • “Contributors’ Summaries”, in W. Erb and N. Fischer (eds), Meister Eckhart als Denker, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2018, 525-536 [translation of German chapter abstracts into English].
  • Invited review of Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Mystery and Sacrament of Love, Theologische Literaturzeitung 142 (2017), 1114-1116.
  • “Philosophie und Ökumene: Überlegungen zur Logik des Christentums im Ausgang von Anselm von Canterbury” [Philosophy and Ecumenism. Anselm of Canterbury and the Logic of Christianity], Münchner Theologische Beiträge, 16; München: Utz, 2015.
  • (edit. & transl.) Leonardo Messinese, Heideggers Kritik der abendländischen Metaphysik und Logik. Ein kritischer Dialog [Heidegger’s Critique of Western Metaphysics and Logic. A Critical Dialogue], Translated from the Italian and edited by Christian Göbel. (Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2015)
  • “Bildungs-Gang. Bildung in F. C. Delius‘ Erzählung ‘Bildnis der Mutter als junge Frau’” [The Path of Education. Education in F. C. Delius‘ novel Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman], Magazin für Kunst, Kultur, Theologie, Ästhetik, 93 (2015).
  • [transl.] Norbert Fischer, “Kant as Pastor”, in R. Clewis (ed.), Reading Kant’s Lectures, Berlin: de Gruyter, 2015, 392-408.
  • “De- and Rehumanizing the Other. Philosophical Foundations for Military Ethics and Peace Building in the Armed Forces.” Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict 9 (2014), 100-123.
  • “Ritterlichkeit bei Kierkegaard. Für eine Spiritualität des In-der-Welt-Seins.” Wissenschaft und Weisheit 76 (2013), 253-27.
  • “Ontologisch oder kosmologisch? Anselms unum argumentum und seine trinitätstheologische Relevanz.” Theologie und Glaube 103 (2013), 83-103
  • “Reconstructing Anselm’s God. The Metaphysical Logic of Christianity.” Aquinas 55 (2012), 45-65.


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