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Lecture Series 2016-17: Dynamics of Dis/Agreement

Throughout our social, political, and cultural lives—online as well as offline—we see increasing oppositional and bitter disagreement. Have we forgotten the virtues of disagreement in moving towards agreement? Have we forgotten how to disagree civilly? Can we cope with disagreement? How does disagreement work? Are there different kinds? 

Inspired by Pope Francis’ promotion of the value and importance of disagreement, we hope to deepen our understanding of disagreement across several domains, highlight its role in any agreement, and explore impediments to healthy disagreement. Learning how to disagree better will be key to our globalised shared future.


All events are held at St Edmund's College (Garden Room) unless otherwise indicated. Events are free, open to the public, and followed by drinks.

Michaelmas 2016

Thursday 10th November | 17:30

Gorazd Andrejč • Ed Kessler • Alban McCoy

Friday 25th November | 16:00

Carrie Pemberton Ford • Anna Rowlands • Sara Silvestri
(jointly organised with the Centre for Catholic Social Thought & Practice)

Friday 2nd December | 16:00

Austen Ivereigh • Eamon Duffy


Lent 2017

Friday 27th January | 16:00

Law and Dis/Agreement: Creative Contradictions in Public and Private Life

Philip Allott

Friday 10th February | 16:00

The Annual Von Hügel Lecture
The Contributions of Catholicism in the Third Millennium to a Secular University
Cardinal Louis Tagle

Friday 24th February | 16:00

How to Disagree Without Being a Liberal Pluralist
Terry Eagleton

Friday 10th March | 16:00

Media and Dis/Agreement

Julian Baggini • Luciano Floridi • Michael O'Loughlin


Easter 2017

Friday 28th April | 16:00

Philosophy and Dis/Agreement: Metaxological Intermediations of the Equivocal
William Desmond • Catherine Pickstock

Friday 5th May | 16:00

Politics and Dis/Agreement
Lord Hennessy and others

Friday 2nd June | 16:00

Poetry and Dis/Agreement: Verse as a Mode of Faith
Michael Hurley

Date TBC | Time TBC

Sacred Space and Dis/Agreement
Baroness Warsi and others

(jointly organised with the Woolf Institute and the Warsi Foundation)

Events in Lent and Easter terms currently remain subject to change

The image at the top of this page is of 'Love' by Alexander Milov, a sculpture installed at the 2015 Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA

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