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Dr David Elliot

Dr David Elliot

Research Associate

Research Associate in Theological Ethics, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge


Dr David Elliot completed his PhD in Moral Theology in August 2014 at the University of Notre Dame. Written under his adviser Professor Jean Porter, his dissertation sought to demonstrate how the Theological Virtue of Hope contributes to human happiness and the common good. In October 2014 David joined the University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity as the 3-year Research Associate in Theological Ethics, and he was appointed a Research Associate of the Von Hügel Institute in January 2016.

Research Interests

His primary areas of research are theological hope, virtue ethics, Thomas Aquinas, Christian social ethics, the art of dying, and the beatitudes. At Cambridge he teaches within the Christian Theology subject area, and is currently the instructor for the M.Phil in that area. David is currently completing his first book, Hope and Christian Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming) due for publication in CUP's New Studies in Christian Ethics series. His research on theological hope was recently awarded the Essay and Book Prize from the Character Project of the Templeton Foundation for contribution to the study of character. 

Key Publications


Hope and Christian Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, under contract).


"The Abiding Interest of Virtue Ethics: A Review Essay," in Studies in Christian Ethics (forthcoming 2016) (invited)

“Defining the Relationship Between Health and Well-being in Bioethics,” in The New Bioethics (forthcoming 2016) (invited)

“The Theological Virtue of Hope and the Art of Dying,” in Studies in Christian Ethics 29.3 (Summer 2016)

"The Politics of Practical Reason: Why Theological Ethics Must Change Your Life," (book review) in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 35.2 (Fall/Winter 2015)

“The Christian as Homo Viator: a Resource in Thomas Aquinas for Overcoming ‘Worldly Sin and Sorrow,’” in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 34.2 (Fall/Winter 2014)

"Ethics of Everyday Life: Moral Theology, Social Anthropology and the Imagination of the Human," (book review) in Reviews in Religion and Theology (forthcoming).

 “Passing Through the Sirens: The Trials of the Christian Wayfarer in the World,” in Touchstone 25.4 (July/August 2012): 34-39. (Won the $3000 Templeton Foundation’s Character Project Essay and Book Prize Competition.)

"Intractable Disputes about the Natural Law: Alasdair MacIntyre and Critics" (book review) in Toronto Journal of Theology 27.1 (Spring 2011): 124-126.

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